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^average: my motive

You’re too tall. She’s too short. Her chest is too large. Yours, too small. Hips too wide, legs too stout, stomach too big.

These are just some of the reasons girls everywhere hate themselves. Society’s standards overwhelm people everywhere, and consume our lives. All of these imperfections begin to take over, and they become the only things girls see in the mirror.

I never understood why everyone had to have an unrealistic “Barbie bod”. And yet, I continued to try to get it. I have journals that are filled with diet plans, and white boards covered in workouts. Of course, I never seemed to start my health-kick. I love food way too much, and have yet to allow myself to break a sweat since the eighth grade in PE class.
I became exhausted from following all of the “rules” set, and conforming into other’s perceptions of beauty.

This… This is why I created this site. I love fashion, but it becomes hard to buy magazines and watch shows that only include human-like sticks as the stars. I dreamed of changing this.
No, my mission is not to make girls devour a full chocolate cake, or give up on working out. But it is to make them love themselves for who they are. I myself probably have some health issues to work out, but I refuse to starve myself just to reach society’s goal for girl’s my age.
This site will soon be filled with girls of all sizes, even me, and their fashion sense. I plan on taking “average” girls, and making them feel beautiful, and, well, above average ! I love how different and unique everyone can be, and I hope to share that obsession with you !

(Cool tag line that I have yet to come up with)